Water what?!

Water Soluble

When you hear water soluble, you automatically think “okay so it dissolves in water” right? When we are talking about hemp and say water soluble, where does your mind go? I know mine went haywire! In the hemp and health world we hear water soluble left and right but never really think how amazing it is for benefit wise. In our world, it means faster deliverance to our receptors and more beneficial. When a product is water soluble, it by passes the natural filtration process of our kidneys and hits us 5-10 times faster than an oil based product would. Our bodies have two cannabinoid receptors in our brains, one to hit the central nervous system and another to hit our internal organs.

Water soluble products can be used in your favorite beverage or even under your tongue as you would use an oil based product. Not only do you by pass the filtration process of your body but you also change the game of how you ingest your hemp products!! Believe it or not, hemp products aren’t just taken by mouth, they can also be applied directly to the problem area of the body through a topical lotion. This is light years ahead of dry herb vaporizers and other ROAs that involved igniting a substance.

Very seldom do we think about the amount our bodies absorb when we use a hemp product. When you use an oil based product your body absorbs 5%-20% of the hemp itself. When you use a water soluble product, your body is absorbing 95%-98% of the hemp!

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