Neck & Shoulder Heat Pack


When you get a crick in your neck or sore back, we have the solution! Neck and Shoulder Heat Packs can be used warm or cold! Stick it in the microwave for a minute and sit down and relax! Pick your option of having CBD and herbs or CBD only!

  • Recycled hemp and organic cotton fabric: HEMP/RED WINE or HEMP/STERLING GREY
  • Composition: FLAX, WHEAT, ORGANIC HEMP
  • Size description: “C” shaped pack is 42″ in length along outer edge, with 4.5″ neck collar
  • Organically grown industrial hemp, locally farmed flaxseed and wheat
  • Recycled hemp and organic cotton fabric
  • Microwavable heat pack
  • Microwave heating converts the natural, dried hemp into useful CBD
  • Treat yourself to this unique product combining the healing impact of CBD with aromatherapy
  • Heating Time: heat up to 2 minutes,
  • Cooling Time: seal in a plastic bag, place in freezer for 1 to 2 hours
  • Care: Spot clean, damp cloth, and air dry

Wine Red, Grey


CBD Only, CBD + Herbs


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